Learn to Play the Native American Flute

My name is Ami Sarasvati, and I love sharing the gift of the Native American flute. Many of us have wanted to be musical, but have not pursued it due to a daunting learning curve of most instruments. Learning to play the Native American flute is a distinctly different experience. Celebrate with me the renaissance of the Native American flute, a musical instrument that anyone can play!

I invite you to release the past and discover yourself as an intuitive musician, a spiritual song teller, a deep and conscious breathing life source. The ease of playing this seemingly simple instrument is one of the best kept secrets in the musical world. Sharing the gift of the Native American flute is my musical ministry.

The Native American flute (NAF) is a forgiving and soothing instrument. In a short amount of time, with gentle direction and encouragement, you will be playing music with joy and confidence. Due to its portability, you can take your instrument just about anywhere and share its enchanting tones with others. How magical it is the first time you have a musical conversation with an owl!

Now you can learn to play your flute in live classes in Manchester or Concord NH or online using Skype, Google Hangout, or FaceTime. As long as you have a high speed internet connection, a webcam (many are built right into your computer or tablet), and a NAF (we can advise you on this), we can begin. I have written a book for beginner players. You can order on Amazon by clicking here. This little book is a quick start guide for learning to play the Native American style flute. No musical experience is necessary. Common sense tips like block placement and issues of wetting out, help beginners avoid mistakes they might not have considered. This easy-to-read book includes best practices for success and provides numerous valuable online resources.